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Business School Book By Robert Kiyosaki Pdf Free Download

epub or .mobi version without the cover, you can download the cover as a PDF file for free.DOWNLOAD NOW Introduction: Welcome to the Financial Freedom Guide to Achieving Self-Sufficient Living. In today’s market, where most of us struggle to survive on the little money we have, this book will provide you with the tools necessary to live the life of your dreams. You will not need to struggle for a job, you will not have to borrow money from friends or family, and you will not need to compete with others for the limited funds available to you. You will be free from debt, free from worry, and free to live the life of your dreams. Chapter 1: This chapter will show you how to achieve financial independence. You will learn the four simple principles of how to achieve financial freedom; and how to become wealthy. I.D.E.A. – Believe It, Do It, Achieve It, Repeat It Decide, don’t ask why. Don’t ask what if, just go ahead. Chapter 2: This chapter will help you make your financial freedom a reality. You will learn how to buy and sell stocks, how to find a partner who shares your vision, and how to raise money to get your business off the ground. II. B.A.C. – Build Assets, Grow Assets, Cash In, Cash Out Do you ever wonder where your assets are? Are they sitting in an old safe deposit box? Or have they been lost in the stock market? You may be surprised to learn that most of your assets are sitting in your house or apartment. Chapter 3: This chapter will show you how to safeguard your assets, build a diversified portfolio, and turn your assets into cash. You will learn the six steps to investing success. III. E.T.I. – Establish, Test, Improve, Repeat Establish, test, improve, repeat. Start where you are, improve on your weakness, and repeat. Chapter 4: This chapter will show you how to test your vision, improve your income, and repeat your success. You will learn how to start an Internet business, how to test and improve your income, and how to repeat your success. Chapter 5: This chapter will help you prepare for retirement and make sure you do not end

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